Hey, Look – Here’s That Scream 4 Video I Promised You

In the video below you’ll see the ghostface killer in full Screamadelic flow while whiffle-waffling soundbites fill the air.

Just look at the shots of shots being shot: the sets seem mightily familiar, don’t you think? So much so that I’m starting to get suspicious… Flashbacks? Now, Scream 4 isn’t going to go all Back to the Future 2 on us, is it?

Previously: Wes Craven said he was not “given control of the script”; series creator Kevin Williamson appeared to take a step back – and possibly spread rumours; and there were rewrites by Ehren Krueger. A recipe for disaster? I really hope not – I’m a genuine Scream fan. I’d probably even wear a Scream pin if they sent me one.