Heathers: The Musical Has Original Screenwriter Dan Waters On Board

People say to me sometimes, they say, "Brendon", they say, "what's your favourite screenplay for a film ever?"

Okay, they don't. But if they did, I've got a well-rehearsed answer. "Why," I'd say, "it's surely Daniel Waters' script for Heathers". And so it is.

I just did a little dance when I read that Waters himself is working on the stage musical derived from his original script. The news comes from a Collider interview with Andy Fickman, director of You Again and the man most likely to direct it when it bows.

Fickman: We've been working on it for awhile now with (screenwriter) Dan Waters. It was one of my all-time favorite movies and, when I saw what Larry O'Keefe was able to do with Legally Blonde, and knew the fun we had with Reefer Madness, we put Larry O'Keefe together with Kevin Murphy, my Reefer Madness partner, and we found that Heathers gave a great deal of opportunity for '80s commentary and a great chance for music and storytelling. We've just been thrilled by the response. The characters are great, the one-liners are great and the music is spectacular.

Collider: Does it still have the dark tone of the film?

Fickman: Oh, completely. That was the one thing that we didn't want to lose at all.

We knew that the musical was coming. Indeed, just using a single BBC article from early 2009 as a mnemonic, I can remind you that:

  • Back then it was said Waters had given the show his blessing, not that he was working on it per se.
  • That a table read had taken place and Kristen Bell had read the role of Veronica Sawyer, Christian Campbell had read the role of JD.
  • That Fickman wanted to get the line "I love my dead gay son" into one of the songs.

I can't help but hope Ms. Bell stays on board and at plays Veronica on stage for a month or four.