First Chance To Hear Some Song From Tangled

First Chance To Hear Some Song From Tangled

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I was recently noting how the status of Tangled as a musical has been pretty comprehensively avoided in the marketing materials so far. Now, though, a tie-in CD and book has been released, and the CD contains a portion of a song one can only assume comes from the film.

Some enterprising fan has uploaded the excerpt to YouTube, and now we can all hear it for ourselves.

If you’re paying full attention, you probably share my assumption that – INVISO TEXT SPOILER ALERT – that this song comes from very late in the film, probably from the scene with the lanterns that everybody is so taken with.

And… back to black.

In case you didn’t know, that was Mandy Moore singing in the role of Rapunzel.

Of course, there’s going to be a wide variety of moods and tones employed in the various songs. One of them in particular, sung by the Mother Gothel character, is apparently a really big, bold Broadway-style foot stomper, but the general flavour is, apparently, classic Disney.

The full soundtrack album is released in the US on 16 November.

Via DisneyPixar.

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