Terry Gilliam’s Legend of Talladega – Photos, New Details

Terry Gilliam’s Legend of Talladega – Photos, New Details

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We’ll start with some pictures, and then I’ll tell you some of the new information we have on Terry Gilliam’s short film The Legend of Talladega. These really are great pictures – our Little Bleeders continue to honour themselves with their spy works. You can click through to see each of them at a larger scale too.

This tent should only be described as Gilliamesque.

Note the flag.

There’s a lot of detail here that’s worth getting a good look at. But no silhouetted hamsters going hell for leather.

Yes sir, we have some bananas.

This is Justin Kirk (Weeds) who we now believe to be playing the lead character in the film.

We’ve been able to ascertain a lot more information about the film since the weekend.

First of all, we have a running time: it’s going to be around 8 minutes long. As well as being streamed online, it will play on ESPN in the run up to October 31st. This is doubly apt as that’s the date of NASCAR’s Talladega race day, as well as being Halloween – and this is a film about ghostly goings on at that very race track.

The curse of Talladega is a long standing urban myth about how the race track was built on a Native American burial ground (see the tent, the flag, David Arquette’s clothing in the pictures above). Becky Fly‘s character in the film is as a construction worker – one would assume her scenes are set during the construction of the track.

It seems like Justin Kirk’s character is at the Talladega race track to debunk some urban myths and supernatural stories. He definitely appears to be the lead character, though Arquette can’t help but be the star with that costume.

Pepsi, who funded the film. have apparently been sponsoring Nascar for some time and have their Amp Energy Drink branding all over the sport. As a result, they won’t have to force any kind of extra presence in this film in order to get themselves spread all over it, so I don’t think there’s any need to worry about this playing like a commercial. Well, not any more than an actual day out at the racetrack.

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