So Why Would The New Roadrunner Cartoon Get Pulled? - UPDATED It's Playing From Friday

So Why Would The New Roadrunner Cartoon Get Pulled? – UPDATED It’s Playing From Friday

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Remember that rather superb looking Road Runner cartoon that I shared a clip from a few days ago? Remember how I told you it would be playing in cinemas with Legend of the Guardians this weekend? Well, it looks like it won’t.

Bleeding Cool have been told that Fur of Flying has been pulled and Guardians is going out without a short. But why? We called Warner Bros. for comment and sent them several e-mails. One of our calls was eventually directed to somebody who was allowed to give answers to lowly online outlets such as ourselves, but their promised response by e-mail still hasn’t arrived – over 24 hours later.

Surely they WB PR teams would have just swatted this story if it wasn’t true? We put it to a total of five of their staff and none of them refuted it in any way. Maybe they just don’t care.

We’re none the wiser as to what is really going on, so I think my personal inclination is to put even more stock in the original report from our original source: for reasons unknown, Fur of Flying has been yanked from the release schedules less than a week before it was due to be screened.

Another Road Runner toon, Rabid Rider, is scheduled for release with Yogi Bear. Will that happen? Is this a change of strategy? Or was there’s something specifically objectionable about Flying?

UPDATE: Apparently the short will be attached to Legend of the Guardians as originally planned – at least according to the cinema projectionists I’ve been able to speak to. I have to wonder why no official comment was offered and I had to go to the absolute ends of the earth to dig up information on this, however. Oh, Warner Bros. You could have just spoken to me for five seconds.

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