Skullkickers #1 Sells For $15 On Day Before Release

Skullkickers #1 Sells For $15 On Day Before Release

Posted by September 22, 2010 Comment

As of today, there will be thousands of copies of Skullkickers# 1 on sale in comics shops. Well, two of them have just sold on eBay for $14.99 each.

This is probably unprecedented for any non-variant, openly-orderable book.

Basically, according to all evidence, you should be able to simply flip this on eBay and, even with a rush of copies filling demand, I can’t see how you couldn’t make a profit.

In terms of comic book speculation, this is the closest thing to a sure thing since the death of Captain America and the appearance on Obama in Spider-Man.

Some shops may limit how many copies you buy. Some shops may put it straight on the wall at $20. Some won;t have a clue and will look surprised when this sells out one minute after opening – let me know how your shop reacts!

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