Lost Girls Clears Customs For Diamond UK

Lost Girls Clears Customs For Diamond UK

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Getting Lost Girls into the UK has always been problematic, due to inconsistent anti-pornography measures taken by UK Customs And Excise. And yes, it seems rather odd when you can download whatever you want and skip past the best Her Majesty has to stop it. I remember when copies of From Hell were seized and destroyed, thanks to a rather sketchy and shaky penetrative scene drawn by Eddie Campbell, and previous copies of Melida Gebbie’s had been seized too, so Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie’s Lost Girls was always going to be an issue.

The series from Kitchen Sink was not distributed in the UK, only smuggled in by certain entrepreneurs. When Top Shelf published the collection years later, it was a more liberal era but even so most copies came into the country individually through Amazon.com and the likes. Shops found their own ways too. But copies from Diamond UK, a risk-averse company at the best of times, were hard to come by. Hell, right now Amazon.co.uk only has the German edition in stock as certain disappointed reviewers point out.

This week however I’m told that Diamond UK has finally, officially, precedent-settingly cleared the import of Lost Girls into the UK to be redistributed amongst comics, book shops and the likes of Play.com.

I mean I’ve got a copy. Hell I got two, one to send to Mark Millar. The comic shops have copies, as do one or two bookstores. But until today it’s always been a little more difficult to do so.

But now, four years after publication, it is officially okay to read Lost Girls.

The Queen says so.

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