Trailer: The Witches Of Oz 3D, From Your Secret Favourite Director

Trailer: The Witches Of Oz 3D, From Your Secret Favourite Director

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So, there’s now an actual trailer for The Witches of Oz, featuring Christopher Lloyd, Lance Henrikson, Mia Sara, former Hobbits Sean Astin and Billy Boyd, Jeffrey Combs… all kinds of folk that we hold dear. I’ve purchased DVDs for less incentive.

But be warned: Witches is the newest piece from the director of the legendary Transmorphers. Don’t remember that one? How about The Flu Bird Horror? Frankenstein Reborn? Cyborg Conquest? Leigh Scott has been a power player at Asylum, kingdom of the bottom-shelf mockbusters, and has played a major part in fostering their reputation for cheap and cheerful rip-offs. Credit to him, though, for writing, directing, shooting and editing his films, as well as sometimes acting in them. He’s nothing if not ambitious.

He just has… particular ambitions.

Enjoy this trailer.

Casting Lloyd as the Wizard really wasn’t a bad idea at all. Not in essence.

According to IMDB, this project is in 3D and, I would assume, that would mean it is targeted for a cinema release. However, it is also being sold by its international sales agents as two, ninety minute TV episodes… so which is it? My best guess is there’s two edits.

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