Be Like Ryan Reynolds - Win A Buried Survival Kit

Be Like Ryan Reynolds – Win A Buried Survival Kit

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You too can be like Ryan Reynolds*. First of all, enter and win this competition for a Buried survival kit. Secondly, get somebody to nail you in a box and bury you in the garden. I shouldn’t imagine you’ll have too much trouble with either part, really…

This prize is actually a rather good one. You get a bag and a T-shirt but also a zippo, a torch and a hip-flask thing. The only other things in movie Ryan’s wooden box are a cellphone (bring your own) and an all-round sense of tension and suspense (again, you’ll have to provide this yourself).

In order to win one of three prize packages, here’s what you need to do – either e-mail me or leave a message on the forum saying that you’d like to win. I’ll be drawing two winners from my e-mail and another from the forum, so it’s well worth bothering to sign up if you want to double your chances.

And note: there’s some more Buried business coming soon on Bleeding Cool… something interesting… so stay tuned. All the way through to the film’s UK release on September 29th…

*Sort of.

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