Action Comics #1 5.0 Fetches Almost Half A Million – And Saves Family From Foreclosure

A few months ago, this would have been the highest price achieved by a comic book, $436,000. Now a copy of Action Comics #1, the first appearance of Superman, graded “5.0” by the CGC, is merely a footnote as its better-quality brethren race hurriedly towards the two million dollar mark.

But this comic hit the headlines as it was found in the basement of a family home which was facing being repossessed by the bank, as the family in question faced economic collapse, along with millions of other Americans. ComicConnect, which sold the book for the family, had to spend a considerable amount of time convincing the bank that, yes, this comic was worth a lot of money and could they please hold off until the sale.

In news reports, it was estimated that this comic book might possibly achieve a quarter of a million dollars. Well, it has just done twice that…

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