Test Footage From One Roger Rabbit Sequel, News Of Another

Robert Zemeckis has been slow-brewing a second Roger Rabbit picture for some time now, and Disney have been wanting one for even longer. There’s been a lot of time and energy spent on development over the years, and I’m certainly emotionally invested enough to want to see it all pay off.

Well, as long as we get a worthy sequel. I trust Zemeckis, particularly with one of his legacy characters, so while he’s on board, I’ll be optimistic.

Unexpectedly leaping into my line of sight today was the following test footage clip, showing us how Roger looks as a CG model.

Thanks to Cartoon Brew for the tip off.

That clip dates back to an attempt to make a sequel in 1998, but could Zemeckis be planning a CG bunny for his in-the-works sequel too? Well, according to Bob Hoskins, everything in the next Rabbit film is going to be built out of pixels.

Here’s the full text of two texts sent by Hey U Guys Live from the red carpet premiere of Made in Dagenham, a new British film with Hoskins in a key role.

HUGlive : So how’s Roger Rabbit 2 progressing?!?

‘Zemekis said he’s going to do it like a Christmas Carol,but I’m 67 years old! I’ll look like a cartoon at that point!If they do it, I’m in!

Straight from the Hoskins’ mouth: Zemeckis is planning a mo-cap Roger Rabbit. Already some of you are swearing at your monitor, I’m sure.