Six More Actors For Super 8, On Set Snaps

Six More Actors For Super 8, On Set Snaps

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Noah Emmerich was Marlon in The Truman Show, the best friend who wasn’t all he seemed. Ron Eldard was a golden gloves boxer who turned to acting and appeared in a whole heap of hourlong dramas. Gabriel Basso is currently appearing on The Big C as Adam, the lead character’s son. According to The Wrap (who appear to be citing a press release), these are the three “knowns” to have joined the cast of JJ’s Super 8. Of course, there’s nary a hint of what kind of roles they have.

And there’s “unknowns” too – Joel Courtney, Riley Griffiths, Ryan Lee and Zach Mills. Well, Mills at least has an IMDB profile which reveals he’s just finished playing Ollie Klublershturf in Ollie Klublershturf vs The Nazis. (Also, if you check the trivia, you’ll see he comes from Lakewood, Ohio which is one of my favourite small towns in the US and where I’ve spent a lot of time. Small world).

But what are all these knowns and unknowns actually going to be doing in the movie? Clues are scarce but you’re welcome to scour these set pictures. They come from Aint It Cool who have a couple more.

My god… I think I’ve cracked it. The answer is in these pictures. It’s going to be… a film about… skee-ball.

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