Lying In The Gutters – 10th September 2010 – Go West DC Comics!

Lying In The Gutters – 10th September 2010 – Go West DC Comics!

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The cover of CLiNT #2 will feature Hit Girl, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Charlie Brooker. Something like this maybe?

Everyone’s a twitter in New York. There’s a teleconference in the air, planned it seems for tomorrow. The only thing gossipy Manhattanites are sure about is that it will most definitely mean the move of DC Comics to the West Coast of the USA, three time zones away.

Naturally there have been all sorts of measures put in place to deal with the huge personnel upheaval. There will be moving expenses. There will be resignation packages. Some will be able to stay where they are. I’m told most DCU editors will make the move west. No news on Vertigo yet though.

Maybe we’ll find out tomorrow. Maybe never!!! Maybe it’s all just bunkum! Either way, I’m be sticking close to Twitter tomorrow.

Talking of bunkum, here’s this week’s run through the week’s top stories.

Top Ten Posts Of The Week

1. VIDEO: Batman XXX A Porn Parody – The Official Trailer. Can you believe it? Back at number one.
2. Saying Goodbye To Spider-Man by Matthew H. Kleinert
3. Grant Morrison And Frank Quitely’s Pax Americana From DC Comics
4. Why Kurt Busiek Is Wrong About Jonathan Hickman’s Fantastic Four
5. JMS Responds To Superman #703 Lateness
6. Carrie Keegan Is Power Girl
7. The Greatest Recent Comic You May Not Have Bought – World War Hulks: Spider-Man Vs Thor– it’s possible more people read this piece than bought the comic.
8. Is This The Collapse Of The Direct Market? (No)
9. Grant Morrison In New My Chemical Romance Video
10. Dead Means… Well Anything But

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5. When Americans Draw Dredd
6. Why Do People Hate Azazel Anyway? – Blast From The Past By Paul O’Brien
7. Could This Be… Could This Possibly Be… Swamp Thing Returning In Green Arrow #7
8. Alan Moore Speaks Watchmen 2 To Adi Tantimedh
9. Marvel’s New $1.49 Price Point – On The Desktop
10. Guest Swipe File: Masque Of The Red Death Vs A Distant Soil by Arlene C. Harris

Next Top Ten Films Post

1. This Ain’t Avatar XXX 3D – Just-About-Safe-For-Work Visuals
2. Is Everything Finally Going To Come Together For A Third Bill & Ted Movie?
3. BatFXXX – Dark Knight Parody Screencaps And Video (SFW)
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5. Superman XXX – Shots From The Set Of The Porn Parody (SFW)
6. Casey Affleck Admits That Joaquin Phoenix Was Faking It For I’m Still Here
7. Sacha Baron Cohen Is Freddie Mercury
8. Video Round Up: Clash At Demonhead Music Video, Avengers Assemble, Space Battleship Yamato
9. Daniel Craig’s Dragon Tattoo A Nightmare For Dream House?
10. So Letterman Did Know Joaquin Phoenix Was Faking It

Top Ten Posts You May Not Have Seen

1. More Details Of Terry Gilliam’s The Legend Of Talladega
2. God Save The King! More Spielberg War Horse Set Dressing Shots
3. Learn How To Make Comics With Paul Levitz
4. First Shots From Ape Entertainment’s Black Dynamite by Jun Lofamia
5. Swipe File: Hostess Glo-Balls Vs Testicles
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8. Thursday Runaround: Sexting Kitty Pryde
9. More Rose Tinted Perspective On Current Comics Statistics
10. Is Skullkickers The New Chew?

Thanks to Greg Baldino, (twice) Aaron and Mike, (twice), Adi Tantimedh, Dale Lazarov and Paul O’Brien.

Next week, expect delays delays delays as I’m in Italy at the Treviso Comic Book Festival

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