Archie Comics Equates Obama With Palin

Posted by September 20, 2010 Comment

The upcoming Archie #616 (That’s the number of Hank McCoy BTW) is entitled Campaign Pain and sees President Barack Obama and ex-governor-not-quite-sure-what-she-is-now Sarah Palin getting involved in student politics at Riverdale High. And probably boosting sales in the process.

Archie and Reggie both boastfully claim the support of their respective politician of choice, only for the actual person to turn up on campus. Hilarious! Then in #617, the secret services get involved…

Aside from biographical comics, a number of comic books have used the appearance of Obama to increase sales, and Sarah Palin has appeared in a few satirical comic books too. This is the first to in any way suggest that the two politicians are comparable…

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