Batman Inspires Air Forces Program

Are they just trying to get Chris Sims to enlist?

While Jack Kirby may have fought on front lines, and comics are always  being sent to American squaddies, the average sterotype of the comics fan isn’t the kind taht would usually pass an armed forces physical. But maybe this well be enough to get them to shape up and do their patriotic duty.

The US Air Force is promoting their BATMAN gear. Short for Battlefield Air Targeting Man-Aided kNowledge (Ooh cheating there) it’s intended to reduce the size, weight and effectiveness of commando gear. Basically creating Bat utility belts for everyone, and equipment placed around the body that may resemble a Batsuit..

They’ve even got headsets, helmet displays, and chest-based computer that responds to voice commands. They even have a Bat Hook – yes that’s what they’re calling it – to recharge from power lines they pass below, directly inspired by the comic character. Hell, I could use that for my laptop.

The other question is will DC sue the US Air Force? That name and trademark logo could be problematic… I mean , if they’ll do it to a barbeque restaurant, they’ll do it to the armed forces!!!

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