Clip From And Blurb For The Next Road Runner Cartoon, Fur Of Flying

Clip From And Blurb For The Next Road Runner Cartoon, Fur Of Flying

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Earlier in the summer we were treated to the first new Road Runner toon in some time. It marked the characters’ first appearance in 3D CG, and the translation was a pretty successful one. The short was given a wide release in support of Cats and Dogs 2 but, despite their hugely lesser screentime, the racin’, chasin’ bird and coyote trumped the warring household pets quite soundly.

Now the second of the new Runners is gearing up for release alongside The Legend of the Guardians. Here’s our first clip from the film.

You can see the basic 3D thinking in every frame. And, with the first of the new shorts at least, this thinking worked wonders.

Here’s the official blurb on this new toon, just to give a little context for the clip:

With an assortment of mail order products, Wile E. Coyote fashions himself a homemade helicopter helmet. Soaring through the sky and over the cliffs, it’s a surefire way to catch the Road Runner … assuming he can avoid military testing grounds.

Once again, Matthew O’Callaghan directs. He’s done a great job, and his story artists have clearly been giving it their best too.

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