Actual Real Hobo With A Shotgun Trailer

Posted by September 3, 2010 Comment

We’re living in the age of the fake trailer movie, with Machete reaching US cinemas today, Eli Roth once again promising us a full-length version of Thanksgiving, and – in via pretty tangled tango across the meta spheres – a new, real trailer for Hobo With a Shotgun.

The original Hobo trailer was an entry to a competition run around the launch of Grindhouse wherein budding exploitationers could contribute their own short cuts of schlock. In translation to the silver screen, it’s picked up a star – no less than Rutger Hauer – and a great many production values. But does it have the same heart and gusto?

Aint It Cool scored an online premiere for this trailer, which was played at at FrightFest last weekend.  The crowd went wild for the gorier moments and even cheered when the title appeared.

In the interests of contrast and compare, here’s the original contest entry that started the whole thing off.

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