Poster And First-Look Video For The Last Circus

Alex de la Iglesia's Balada Triste de Trompeta, or The Last Circus, is expected to redeem the director's reputation after the inert blob that was The Oxford Murders. The scary clowns on the film's poster, as you can see above, are definitely a good start. Shudder. Shiver. Trickle. I'm also intrigued by the film's premise – it's an allegorical story about the Spanish civil war with two clowns fighting over a woman, inevitably hurting the very thing they profess to love.

The poster was officially released today, while some footage from the film turned up recently on the YouTube channel of Spanish newspaper El Pais. More scary clowns, and more hope that this is something of a return to form.

Anybody able to translate what he's saying?

If you still want more, there's some stills from the film at the TIFF site.