Dream Home's Josie Ho Caught By Soderbergh's Contagion – Minor Dark Knight UPDATE

One of the very best movies I saw at this year's FrightFest was Dream Home, a kind of Hong Kong-set slasher film that was rich in colour and detail, and sprinkled with cleverly developed twists. There's going to be much more said about that film right here on Bleeding Cool as it approaches its wide release, but in the meantime, I want to celebrate the casting of that film's star in the next Steven Soderbergh picture.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ho is:

…set to play the sister of "Patient Zero," a casino worker who spreads a deadly virus to passengers on an airplane leaving for the United States.

She's great, so that's good for Contagion, and Contagion is looking like it should be great too, so that's good for Ms. Ho.

The storyline for the film is nothing less than global, and spans the spread of a disease on several continents, and through the lives of a good number of main characters. It's nothing Soderbergh can't handle – Traffic would be the obvious example there.

Excitingly, the film is being shot in 3D. I can't wait to see what Soderbergh does with the format.

UPDATE: Chin Han, who appeared in The Dark Knight as Lau, has also joined the cast, say Asian Film Biz.