Adam Green and Kane Hodder Unveil Horror Anthology At FrightFest – UPDATED

Director Adam Green and actor/stuntman Kane Hodder are in London for this year’s Film4 FrightFest where their splatstick throwback Hatchet 2 proved to be a much-loved opening film, not least of all by me. They were joined after that screening for an onstage Q&A by Tony Todd (Hatchet, Final Destination 3) and Danielle Harris (Cyrus, Rob Zombies’ Halloweens), both of whom now appear to have gone home. But not Green (Frozen, Hatchet) and Hodder (B.T.K., various Friday the 13th sequels) – they’ve been hanging around, signing autographs, watching movies, chatting to the fans. Even the scary ones.

Word on the street (actually, in the lobby) was that Green and Hodder had already completed another, top secret collaboration. Tonight, they unveiled it. Surprise!

It’s an anthology of horror shorts called Chillorama that they said was inspired by drive-in cinema.

Here’s how they set it up:

Cecil Kaufman owns a drive-in cinema that is being closed down. On the last night he shows four shorts. Adam Rifkin, Tim Sullivan, Adam green and Joe Lynch are the directors.

-Rifkin’s short is called Wadzilla. It’s about a man trying to raise his sperm count with horrific/comedic results.
-Sullivan will direct Curse of the Werebears. That’s bears, as in Tom of Finland.
-Lynch’s is called Zombie Movie. He promises that when hell is full, the dead will fuck the Earth.
-Green’s film, Diary of Anne Frankenstein, is set in the 40s. Hitler tries to make a killing machine. Kane Hodder plays a Jewish Frankenstein monster.

We’re about to see Diary of Anne Frankenstein in full. The entire film is apparently in the late stages of production, and we’ll see it next year. Stay tuned for more…