Digital Dump - Make Money Fairly Rapidly

Digital Dump – Make Money Fairly Rapidly

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ImageWatch: While a number of Image Comic books are available digitally, there hasn’t been a linewide approach. This has now changed with the announcement of Image Comics and Comixology getting in bed together for their own Image Comics App. Initially with Savage Dragon, Chew, Battle Pope and Youngblood, expect to see Haunt joining the device shortly. You know, I’d happily let them put Chase Variant on that thing.

99cWatch: If Apple are to start releasing TV episodes for 99 cents, how long will the comics industry be able to sell digital comic books for $2.99 or $3.99? Could this even kill off the comic book $1.99 price point? For older comics, will it be 99c uber alles?

99cWatch2: Did you know the Pocket God comic book has sold three million copies at 99 cents each on the iPhone and iPad? Making it the best selling digital comic book in the world? Food for thought.

TiltWatch: Laura Hudson trials a new reader on the iPad that uses spatial distance to affect the viewing performance when reading a comic, such as The First Witch. A bit like the devices used in Kieron Gillen’s Curfew.

MoneyWatch: Advertisers line up! It’s time to start making money by plying your wares on digital comic books.

BOOM! Studios Marketing Director Chip Mosher added he’s also had some early discussions with advertisers, but suggested that the entire industry is understandably proceeding with caution. “I certainly think that digital comics have the potential to be ‘stickier’ for advertisers than traditional print, but digital comics are in its infancy right now, so there is no way to be sure at this point,” he said.

ListWatch: Comixology add the following new series to its various digital Apps;

Green Arrow #1-3
Jeremiah Harm #1-2
Deadpool #1-7
The Death-Defying Devil #1-2
Starcraft #1-7
Magician Apprentice Riftwar Saga #1-3
High Rollers #1-2
The Hammer #1

And new issues of existing series.

Irredeemable #15
Voltron: A Legend Forged #3-4
Captain America #43-45
Y: The Last Man #4
Challenger Deep #3-4
Ultimate Iron Man #2-5
Planetary #12
Carnivale de Robotique #2
Justice League: Generation Lost #8
Hunter’s Fortune #3-4
Marvel Adventures Iron Man #5
Superman/Batman #25
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? #11
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #5
Safe Inside #3
Ultimate X-Men #4-6
Sandman #10
New X-Men #117-119
JLA #6
Witchblade #18-19
Batman #669

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