New Star Wars Deleted Scene Features Fake Luke Skywalker

According to Mark Hamill himself, he doesn’t actually appear in the recently rediscovered Return of the Jedi deleted scene. In fact, he doesn’t even seem to believe the scene exists. Well, okay, I’ve accidentally on purpose used the wrong tense there – oops! I’m not really citing Hamill’s opinion now that the scene has been polished up and shown in public, but back at Comic-Con last year.

Here’s a video of him answering questions about a toy prop lightsabre which leads to talk of the scene:

So, in essence, what we learn is that the Skywalker in the cave is nothing but a stand-in. Kudos and a shot of Haloperidol to the first conspiracy theorist to start a rumour that the scene was in fact not deleted at all, but filmed much, much more recently…

UPDATE: And we now have Forces of Geek jumping into conspiracy theory feet first.

Thanks to Geeks of Doom for the tip.