Jason Flemyng Reveals He'll Be In The New X-Men Film

Brendon: Onstage today at Movie-Con, Jason Flemyng (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Stardust) revealed he will play Azazel, biological father of Nightcrawler, in the next X-Men film. According to him, it's going to involve heavy make-up and a CG tail.

Rich: A few months ago, I wondered just who Jason Flemyng would play in Matthew Vaughan's X-Men:First Class – after all, he appeared in Lock Stock, Stardust and Kick Ass, and Matthew had already cast him as The Beast when he'd been working on X-Men 3. Flemyng has more comic book creds, appearing as Jekyll and Hyde in LXG and the cab driver in From Hell.

I remember talking to Jason a while ago, about his discomfort of working with prosthetics after LXG. Looks like he's gripped the bull by its CG tail…