Alan Moore Guests On Comedy Central Podcast

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Alan Moore joined Robin Ince and Josie Long for an Comedy Central Podcast that’s just been released. Both have contributed toward his Dodgem Logic magazine, looks like he’s returning the favour.

Alan Moore talks about the Queen Mother eating young boys like a toffee apple, receiving e-mails through Dodgem Logic offering ideas for Watchmen sequels “that I might be interested in buying off them”, Robin’s idea for Watchmen With Mother, internet rumours about Alan’s hatred of children, his love of Lush shops and why his bath is encrusted by glitter and hair, warfare between a comic writer and an artist, and his fears of being shoehorned into a Karl Pilkington role in the podcast, even giving us an impression of the bald man…

“Do you think, right that a crocodile could have evolved from a stapler”… then you imply that I’m mentally deficient.

Find it right here!

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