Josh Brolin Climbing On Board Reitman And Cody's Young Adult

Josh Brolin Climbing On Board Reitman And Cody’s Young Adult

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Jason Reitman is off to make a film, and Diablo Cody is happy about it – and she’s not the only one. The film in question is Young Adult, which Reitman is directing and for which Cody wrote a rather splendid script.

The first announced casting was Charlize Theron, booked to play Mavis Gary, a teen-pulp author and the film’s protagonist, and now we hear from Showbiz 411 that Josh Brolin is likely to join her as the film’s male lead, Buddy Slade, an ex-boyfriend of Mavis’ from her teenage years and happily married new father. The story, in essence, is about what hapens to Mavis when she attempts to get Buddy back into her life.

The hook is pretty well laid out in the script. “I’m here because I’m still deeply in love with Buddy Slade and I want him back” says Mavis, before explaining ” I know people won’t understand, but things like this happen. They do happen. Usually they happen in slow-motion. Like, two people are meant to be together and then they slowly get rid of what’s keeping them apart. They get divorced, they reconfigure. And everyone’s cool with that, right? Society’s okay with that. Everyone’s a homewrecker; we just wreck very slowly.”

“But see, I can’t go slow. I have to tell Buddy now. I don’t have time to play this little game of decency that everyone is so into. You see…? I’m 36. I don’t have time“.

Cody’s script mines this set up for a few laughs and a lot of horror and pain. She had Buddy Slade written as a little less handsome than Brolin (he’s really handsome, right?) but it wouldn’t matter if Adonis got the role, the mad plunge that Mavis takes is going to feel just as stomach churning.

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