Wednesday Runaround – Go Go Gadget Pilgrim!

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Temp dipped below 90º, so sainted wife and I dug 40 hills of potatoes for sick in-laws. Scintillating! It’ll be on Bleeding Cool, I’m sure – Phil Hester on Twitter.

GoGoWatch: Comics Alliance notice that Viper Comics are to launch a new Inspector Gadget licensed comic book based non the original animated series. Go go gadget crossover with Iron Man, please.

AppWatch: Oni have released the complete Scott Pilgrim for paid download on the iPad with a big chunk of the first volume for free. Possibly the most perfect of timings there.

VideoWatch: Fatman Batman explains it all. Seriously. It. All.

MusicWatch: Eddie Argos of Art Brut is unofficially releasing a number of songs about Blue Beetle, Batman and Booster Gold as part of a new EP called Spoiler Alert!

BelgiumWatch: Comic convention F.A.C.T.S, held in Gent in Belgium running October 23rd-24th, has added Greg Capullo to their English-speaking guest lists which lso includes Frank Cho, Dave Gibbons, Brandon Peterson and Anne Stokes.

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