Stunning End Credits Sequence From The Other Guys

Stunning End Credits Sequence From The Other Guys

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I haven’t seen The Other Guys yet – I’m in the UK, it’s not out for a little while, etc. – but if I had, I certainly wouldn’t have been expecting these end credits. Like some kind of animated infogram detailing how Wall Street and Big Business get away with their shocking white collar crimes, it’s likely to prove a real education to some audiences.

Director Adam McKay told Entertainment Weekly:

All those old movies had drug-smuggling story lines – if you did that now, it would be quaint. Who gives a shit about guys selling drugs at this point? Crime has taken on massive proportions: destroying the Gulf of Mexico, stealing $80 billion. Stealing a billion dollars is nothing now – that’s almost adorable.

Below, I’ve embedded the full sequence, courtesy of Moviefone. And if you’ve already been to see The Other Guys, please tell me what your experience of this sequence has been – did people stay and watch it? Did they walk out and ignore it?

Kudos to McKay for putting his end credits where his mouth is, and to Sony for allowing it. I wonder what it would have taken to start the film with at least some of this information? Not a studio distributor for one thing, I guess.

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