Ryan Reynolds' Calendar: Deadpool Before Green Lantern 2, But Where Comes RIPD?

Ryan Reynolds’ Calendar: Deadpool Before Green Lantern 2, But Where Comes RIPD?

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An update on R.I.P.D, the would-be Ryan Reynolds vehicle based upon Peter Lenkov’s comic books, yields interesting details on several of the actor’s strip-to-screen projects.

First of all, it seems that R.I.P.D is now without a director. David Dobkin is long gone, and McG has now just passed to direct a passion project of his, This Means War. The film could wait for him to be done and come back, but that’s going to be quite some time from now. Besides, there appears to be a big question mark hanging over Reynolds’ availability. He’s simply got too many comic book characters to play.

Robert Rodriguez’ negotiations to play Deadpool have been ongoing, with a shoot this year now “looking very likely”, according to the LA Times’ 24 Frames. So that’s coming up in the next few months, alongside a little relief from the comic book business with The Change Up, a body-swap comedy with Jason Bateman and onetime R.I.P.D director, David Dobkin. And then – if we’re reading the movements in the stars correctly – Green Lantern 2 will very possibly slot in somewhere in the middle of next year…

…so, yeah. Maybe they will be able to wait for McG after all.

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