Writer Announced For Green Lantern 2

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Pretty much in step with the rumour we passed along last week, Warner Bros. are pressing ahead with a Green Lantern sequel and have signed Michael Goldenberg to write the screenplay.

Goldenberg wrote on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Contact and PJ Hogan’s Peter Pan and his most recent credit is the first Green Lanten movie, which he co-wrote with Greg Berlanti, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim. It seems he’ll be working alone on the second installment, for the moment at least. There’s no indication if he’ll be working from a treatment by Berlanti, though one was commissioned some months ago.

Variety say that “the move to hire a writer for number two shows a serious commitment to the franchise”, but they might well be under-estimating this commitment. How long until scripting starts on part 3?

There’s over ten months before the first Lantern hits, which really is plenty of time to get a screenplay shaped up and everybody back on set shooting for a sequel before opening night – especially the way these franchise films are operated. This kind of confidence can only be good PR, right?

I wonder what shape the Deadpool contracts are in right now, over at Fox… I doubt very much that they’ve got Ryan Reynolds on a sufficiently short chain to pull him onto that picture and derail Warners’ intentions here.

So, Green Lantern 2, revving up to come our way, and soon. Let’s see if Warners commit the classic “Bond bungle” and don’t tie down Martin Campbell for the follow up.

Oh – and yes, I couldn’t make any slicker-looking Green Lantern 2 artwork, so I just cropped that image to get a 2 out of the Lantern Corps. logo and another lurking in the bottom right corner. Slack behaviou.

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