Third Bridget Jones Still Hanging Over Renee’s Head

I’m not sure Renée Zellweger will be looking forward to the tablod press wallpapering the world with weight gain stories all over again, but Working Title are still planning a third Bridget Jones movie. There’s a lot to be learned from the second installment – mainly lessons written in big fat red letters down the What Not To Do column.

Enough time has passed, though, for audiences to have stepped back from The Edge of Reason, forgiven and forgotten – though I’ll never be able to shake my memories of a splendidly realistic fight scene.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the same audience will still be ready to identify so directly with Bridget as we knew her. Maybe she’ll have to be reinvented, given a husband that just doesn’t care and a couple of kids that won’t stop screaming.

No. Can’t see that making for big box office either. Looks like Ms. Jones will need her figures buoyed by a new generation of red-wine-takeaway-and-Tonight’stheNight-with-John-Barrowman singletons.

Meanwhile, a musical Bridget Jones is being worked up for London’s West End, with music and lyrics by Lily Allen. Helen Fielding who wrote the book will be… er… writing the book. Who will star? Will everybody call her fat too?