Lying In The Gutters – 9th August 2010

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The cover to Watchblood by Graeme Pearce there folks. Welcome to another week of a load of comic book nonsense – and one or seven damn fine scoops!

Top Ten Posts Of The Week

1. Three Green Lantern Movies In Three Years. I received an email from someone else involved in the production – hoping the rumour was true! And now they’ve named a writer for number two
2. John Byrne Wants Rob Liefeld To Draw Watchmen 2. Sometime all you need are three major points of interest in one headline.
3. Sarah Palin Of The Dead – looks like zombie celebrity lookalikes can still be popular…
4. Yogi Bear’s Tagline Is Ruder Than The Average Bear
5. That Neonomicon Scene That Freaked Everyone Out – lots of people like a spoiler. And like Alan Moore’s new metatextual horror.
6. Tony Scott To Direct Nemesis. Linked to by everyone from Nikki Finke to Heidi MacDonald (though not JK Parkin at Comic Book Resources strangely).
7. The Return Of Alpha Flight
8. Will Mark Millar’s Biggest News Ever Live Up To The Hype?
9. Mark Millar’s News About To Break Again – three stories about the same thing break the top ten. And people wonder why I run them. ‘Cos YOU read them. Yes, YOU!
10. Suicidal Spider-Man – I missed the resemblance to Segoni the first time too.

Next Top Ten Comics Posts

1. McDonalds Condemned For Marvel Happy Meals
2. The Second-To-Last Page Of Crossed: Family Values
3. God Loves Gay Robin – Comic-Con Vs Westboro Baptist Church
4. Thursday Runaround – WOVERINE!!!!!!
5. The Comic’s The Thing
6. The Evolution Of Red Mist
7. Tea Party Comix Creator Speaks Out. Hilariously.
8. Warren Ellis Turns X-Men Royalties Into Horse
9. A Sermon Taken From The Book Of One Moment In Time
10. The Price Of Your Copyright? Two Copies.

Next Top Ten Movie Posts

1. Teaser Trailer For Joss Whedon’s The Avengers Movie
2. VIDEO: Batman XXX A Porn Parody
3. Mark Strong Says Movie Sinestro May Have Looked… Different
4. Scott Pilgrim Cartoon To Air On Adult Swim
5. There’s Really A Titanic 2, It Really Got A New Trailer
6. Torchwood Reboots In The New World
7. The Expendables – Review
8. TV Review – Sherlock: The Great Game
9. Here We Go Again: YoGimp Bear
10. Quantum Leap: The Movie

Top Five Posts Comic Posts Worth Another Look

1. Lea Hernandez Warns Us Over Nineties Revivals
2. SWIPE FILE: The Firefly Ships
3. The Incongruity Of DC Comics On The Apple iPad
4. What A Difference Half A Point Makes To Detective Comics #27
5. Agatha Harkness, Princess Of Darkness – The Stewart Lee Comic That Never Was

Top Five Movie Posts Worth Another Look

1. Disney Gearing Up To Release 3D Blurays in the UK
2. Richard Linklater Casting Bennie Fargo-like Crime Story
3. Cody Sousa playing Nolans’ Robin, BillyBatson, Johnny Storm and Jonny Quest
4. Leaked second trailer for the Narnia Dawn Treader
5. There’s really a Titanic 2 it really got a new trailer today my brain really hurts – it’s real

Thanks to regular columnists Greg Baldino, Adi Tantimedh and Aaron and Mike for their sterling work! Till next week!

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