Green Lantern's Movie Kilowog Revealed

Green Lantern’s Movie Kilowog Revealed

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Here’s a nice compare and contrast for you: a concept art Kilowog and a look at how he’ll actually be appearing in the Green Lantern movie.

Here’s the early design:

And here is the final version from Comic Book Movie:

You can click that image to a larger size if you’d like a better look.

I think we now see quite conclusively why the costume isn’t a suit but a CG effect. They’re not looking for anything remotely like fabric, but instead  a transformed biology. This makes sense of why there are no gloves quite nicely… but why have they kept the eye mask?

Maybe it’s actually a mask that Hal wears in order to protect his identity and nothing to do with the Green Lantern Corps. at all. I could be convinced by that.

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