Sunday Runaround – Models To Moderators

MoneyWatch: Monica Olsen liked the comics company she was modelling for so much… that she bought into it.

“Comic books aren’t thriving right now,” she said. “What’s thriving is licensing. We’re repped by William Morris/Endeavour, and we’ve had some very exciting talks with some big Hollywood producers. We’re on our way.”

ThorWatch: Looks like the new Thunderstrike is ditching the ponytail.

LocalWatch: Ain’t no party like a Chapel Hill Comics mini-comic party!

LocalWatch2: The Seattle Times profiles the publishing deal with Fantagraphics and Rosebud Archives to create a new imprint, Marschall Books.

forthcoming volumes include a compendium of cartoon advertising, a book devoted to Johnny Gruelle’s lost masterpiece Mr. Twee Deedle, a book on Krazy Kat and a volume devoted to Sherlock Holmes illustrations and art.

LocalWatch3: Bleeding Cool’s Martin Conaghan and William Pickering talk Burke And Hare at Edinburgh’s Blackwells bookshop on August 14th.

PoliticsWatch: Hammersmith And Fulham council spend £1375 ($2000) on comics, and get slammed by The News Of The World newspaper. Thankfully morris dancers and ukeleles make for an easy distraction.

BoardWatch: Gail Simone now gives her own reasons for leaving the You’ll All Be Sorry CBR board for Jinxworld, stating;

I made the case in the back room that it should be Yabsers modding the board, and was quickly set upon by a bunch of mods who have nothing to do with Yabs, and some who actively resent it, and a couple that are the reason I left.

So they chose people who aren’t Yabsers. And while I like both those guys, I think that maybe was a mistake on my part.

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