A Sermon Taken From The Book Of One Moment In Time

A Sermon Taken From The Book Of One Moment In Time

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It’s Sunday, it’s time for a sermon.

In Amazing Spider-Man #638 we discover that the words Mary Jason Watson whispered into the ear of Mephisto absolve Peter for blame in the still-controversial deal with Mephisto to strip them of their marriage. It was Mary Jane who persuaded Peter to do the deal with the devil.

Basically she’s Eve.

For those of you not up on your early chapters of Genesis (no, not the DC Comics crossover) it is Eve who is tempted by the snake to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge, and then tempts Adam to do likewise, only to be banished from the Garden Of Eden, and burden themselves with the pain and anguish of everyday life.

And since then, it’s been a terribly handy scapegoat for women, to blame many ills on their gender, all of them “daughters of Eve”. Original Sin, the doctrine that we are all born sinful, is blamed on Eve’s actions, and was a major contribution to justify the witch persecutions of the last millennium. And some see those verses as justifying the oppression and subjugation of women by men over the years. Something that is a lot less fashionable in polite society these days.

But with this page it’s back to square one. The seventy thousand comic readers who no longer read Amazing Spider-Man can now blame Mary Jane for the events of One More Day, declaring Peter Parker less guilty of the crime of doing a deal with the devil and, as a result, probably are happier she is no longer his wife. She’s the get out clause for men feeling better about Spider-Man, and probably themselves. She’s the new scapegoat. She’s Eve.

You’d better believe it, tigers.

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