Torchwood Reboots In The New World - Details

Torchwood Reboots In The New World – Details

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We’re keeping log of the Torchwood tibits as they come along, painting a picture of what to expect from the next series, the show’s first to be set and co-produced in America. A new name, new characters and some very interesting new writers…

Currently ongoing is the Television Critics Association Press Tour of 2010, where producers Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner have discussed the show and two new promotional posters have been debuted. We’ll deal with the pictures first, then get back to Davies and  Gardner.

The New World? Well, of course. Why didn’t I think of that?

Those pics (Old pics, with new text? Or am I going mad?) and the following TCA Tour notes come from The Hollywood Reporter.

So, as the new series begins Torchwood has been shut down and is “like a legend now… now spoken of only in whispers”. Two CIA agents called Rex and Esther are dealing with an alien threat of some kind and seek out Captain Jack and Gwen to assist them. According to Davies:

The two teams coming together is a big part of the story. Are they friends or enemies? There’s a lot of sparks and excitement.

Jack? Sparks? What could he mean? Changing tack just a little, here’s Davies on the luxury of having your show made for a cable channel:

If the story demands intimacy or savagery, we will go there absolutely… there’s nothing better than a great big global thriller that stops for a sex scene. It’s probably hard to make that happen in a thriller.

Give it go though, eh?

This Rex and Esther, we already published quite a few details about them, so click back and read up if you didn’t see the story first time around.

Julie Gardner made it very clear that this new series will be both self contained and easily accessible to new viewers. Indeed, she used the dreaded R word:

It’s absolutely rebooted to welcome in a new audience.

What that really comes to mean isn’t yet clear. It could be a very light reboot, simply giving Rex and Esther strong footing in the storyline at the same time as respecting past continuity. Or it could be something heavier. Word out of the TCA is that “some plotlines” from the first three seasons will be continued, though this is a vague promise, I feel and might refer to little more than giving Jack and Gwen some backstory.

Besides Davies himself, there’s some really strong writers in the pool: Buffy‘s Jane Espenson, Breaking Bad‘s John Shiban, House‘s Doris Egan. And there’s also John Fay, one of the writers from the show’s lowly Cardiff period. That, for me, is the real hook – seeing names like that attached. In fact, knowing that there’s this much talent in the writer’s room gives me a renewed optimism for this show. Children of Earth was a huge step in the right direction – will The New World match its stride?

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