Natalie Portman Back In The Dragon Tattoo Mix, Robin Wright In Talks

Natalie Portman Back In The Dragon Tattoo Mix, Robin Wright In Talks

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It’s the most red-hot casting hype in a very long time, and it shows no signs of dying down before the final, official declaration. Everybody, it seems, is talking about who will be David Fincher’s Libseth Salander, the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Who Played With Fire and Kicked a Hornets Nest.

Here’s the latest, a real curveball from Entertainment Weekly. They’re saying – cautiously – that Natalie Portman is apparently back in the mix. They do also cite a source inside the studio who offers a contrary view, promising that the role will go to

The ongoing story of Natalie Portman’s involvement with Dragon Tattoo goes like this: she was actively sought for the role, Fincher actually offered it to her, she declined, he started looking at other actresses, some of those also declined, last weekend he screen tested a good half dozen candidates or so, and now Sony are actually very keen to go back to earlier plans and lock down Portman for the role. It might be at least partially true.

Why would Sony be after Portman again? Because they’re shy of planting an unknown in the key role of what could be a very lucrative franchise.

The same EW story suggests Evan Rachel Wood is being considered too. I wonder if that’s true, and if she’s considering back.

Rather more solid is the news that Robin Wright is in contractual negotiations for the role of Erika Berger, publisher-lover of Daniel Craig’s investigative journalist frontman. It’s all but certain she’ll take the part, and I think there’s pretty much a consensus view that she’s good for it.

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