Huge Gallery Of Tangled Art Packs Huger Spoilers (Don't Worry, I've Hidden Them)

Huge Gallery Of Tangled Art Packs Huger Spoilers (Don’t Worry, I’ve Hidden Them)

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I’ll make sure the spoilers are well hidden, but do be warned: they are HUGE.

Spoilers can be fun, or at least very, very tempting but they’re not the real reason to have a good look through this gallery of Tangled concept art. Instead, these pieces should be appreciated as artful contributions to the development of a film’s look, story and characterisations – or, if you’d prefer, as artworks in their own right.

I’m going to run a little line-up of spoiler free images here. Mainly characters, and a few locales, but nothing that a poster or TV spot wouldn’t give away. Then, below that, I’m going to post some links to specific and spoilerific images.

That really is just the tiniest sample of what Photobucket user Hollyfaerie has to offer. It looks like she (I’m assuming her real name is Holly, right?) ran wild in the display corridors of the hat building with a compact camera.

For some mild spoilers, you might want to look at an individual image or two… or even three. There’s also a very serious giveaway hidden in the mix. I’m sure that knowing this big emotional beat won’t stop me enjoying it in the film – I’ve always been kind of spoiler proof – but you might well appreciate the warning.

Thanks to Seppe at Animatie for the link.

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