Win The Really Very Interesting Manson Girl On DVD

Win The Really Very Interesting Manson Girl On DVD

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Momentum’s UK DVD release of Reginald Harkema’s Manson Girl, aka Leslie, My Name is Evil aka Manson, My Name is Evil, is set for next Monday, August 9th. I’ve seen it and while my full review will be posted on Monday morning, I’ll at least hint a little bit now.

There’s no doubt about it, this is not a cliched, formulaic picture. It’s part  biopic, part political satire, part horror film and features some set pieces that appear to have been specifically shot and edited around pieces of music. John Waters was actually quite appalled by the film – which is interesting in its own right, and is something I’ll discuss in my review. There’s some notable little quirks of casting and, ultimately, you can rest assured that this film has something to say, and an ambitious way of trying to say it.

I’ll keep my full verdict under a wraps for just a few more days. There’s a lot to discuss with this one.

If you want to win a copy of the film on DVD, the conditions are simple.

1) You must live in the UK

2) We want you to do something to promote the site. A link on your Twitter, or your Facebook, or a really great forum

3) E-mail me a link to your promotion, and don’t forget to add your name and address

I’ll pull winners out at random, so even the people who make hardly any effort at all will be eligible to win.

BUT – I will also select one special winner, and that will be the person who impresses the most with their efforts. Something funny would be impressive. Something daring and ambitious too. Or just something completely and totally unexpected.

Basically, I want you to demonstrate the clever marketing and promotional ideas that I can then rip off. Good luck!

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