Friday Runaround – The Moon On A Stick

MillarWatch: Whatever Mark Millar is set to announce, it seems to be movie based. He tweets that the press release has been signed off by people at the studio but that it hasn’t been released yet. Too late for Heidi on the East Coast. (Not really) And there I was hoping it would be that Mark has burnt the CLiNT logo onto the moon. To Photoshop!

BatWatch: The copy of Batman #1 forund in an old dresser, placd there to help the drawers open smoothly, sold for over $50,000 from Heritage Auctions.

ConWatch: USA Today recommends six titles picked up at San Diego Comic Con (which apparently did have comic books after all)

MoneyWatch: Wired number crunches the new DC Shorts DVD and at 60 minutes for $20 finds it wanting.

HolmesWatch: Ian Culbard and Ian Edginton’s Sherlock Holmes comics get profiled by the BBC in the light of Sherlock.
LocalWatch: As Rocketship closes, the local press profiles other Brooklyn comic shops. And puts Ka-Pow in the article headline.
OptionWatch: Disney sign up Radical’s Oblivion. Lots of people invested in Radical’s future breathe a sigh of relief… and Heidi rips it apart.
ConWatch: Selina Lock went to CAPTION in Oxford last weekend – hell, she helped organise it – and reports back on the process. And at CAPTION they have their priorities right – they find food!
Quite a big crowd had departed to find food, and I went in search of them on my return. I found Jay & Melinda Gebbie, and a bit of a stroll and a text message later we joined the gang for curry (again). The food was nice when it arrived but it didn’t half take it’s time. We chatted to Melinda about the different vibes of various towns and communities.
JuniorWatch: We know about Gray Area. We knew about Shmuggy And Bimbo. We didn’t know about the Jack The Cop screenplay did we? Or that John Romita Jr has the jones for working on Dr Strange. John Ronita Jr talks about his upcoming projects

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