David O. Russell May Have Ditched Uncharted, But He’s On For Pride & Prejudice & Zombies Next Year

Posted by August 6, 2010 Comment

It was no surprise to read that David O. Russell had passed on the big screen adaptation of PS3 game Uncharted. As much I’d like to see what he would and could do with the Indiana Jones/Romancing the Stone subgenre, I was finding it hard to believe Russell would be able to negotiate suitable freedom from studio interference.

We’ve been talking a bit this week about Old St. Louis, which is shaking out to be Russell’s next project. If Natalie Portman is to be believed, we can also be pretty clear on what his follow up will be. She was asked by MTV about Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, a film that she’s both producing and will star in:

We just got a new draft from David O. Russell, who is adapting it and is going to direct it… We’ll probably be shooting next year, hopefully.

Russell is nothing if not hard working. I just wish circumstances would allow this activity to transfer a little more efficiently into productivity.

I’ve got a real weakness for Zombies, I love Jane Austen, I’m all over David O. Russell – rest assured that I’ll be keeping my beadiest on this one.

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