Back To The Future Back To Cinemas, And More Blu-Ray Details

Back To The Future Back To Cinemas, And More Blu-Ray Details

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The Back to the Future trilogy might well be coming to Blu-ray this October (see below) but what will sort the real fans from the pretenders is its return to cinemas just a few weeks earlier, on October 1st. Empire premiered this trailer for the rerelease:

That’s not the best bit of voice over I’ve ever heard. Nevertheless, I’ll be there to see what is surely one of the best American movies ever made, and definitely one of the best of the 80s.

It’s been confirmed that this rerelease is happening in the UK, but the US…? No news yet, and it’s not looking good, I’m afraid. We win again.

I’ve been looking through the BBFC classifications for the Back to the Future Blu-ray set and have found out a few new details on the special features. The press release tells us that the main addition is a six-part documentary called Tales From the Future. What it doesn’t tell us is the running time of this doc.

Four parts have already been through classification, however, and they have run times of:

In the Beginning: 27 mins and 21 secs

Keeping Time: 5 mins and 42 secs

Time Flies: 28 mins 33 secs

Time to Go: 29 mins and 50 secs

That’s over an hour and a half already, with two more installments to come. Even if they are Keeping Time style shorties, we’ve still got a decent amount of material to sink into.

Also recorded by the BBFC is that the The Physics of Back To The Future featurette with Dr. Michio Kaku will run to 8 mins 22 secs and that the Nuclear Test Site storyboard sequence clocks in at 4 mins 10 secs.

I want my discs and I want them now.

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