Will Mark Millar's Biggest News Ever Live Up To The Hype?

Will Mark Millar’s Biggest News Ever Live Up To The Hype?

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Today, Mark Millar expects that his “biggest news ever” will be released, “late today“. Whether that’s Greenwich Mean Time or Pacific Seaboard Time, I have no idea.

It’s not like his actual news hasn’t been big enough. The Kick Ass movie, CLiNT Magazine (which also gives me an excuse to run that comic magazine’s logo which, yes, appears to be going down the SFX logo route to getting newstand attention) and more. As he writes;

Stay tuned. This is huge.

Remember I did that movie with Angelina Jolie? That sales-busting Civil War thing? That Kick-Ass flick? That Marvel relaunch with the Ultimate line? That news-stand magazine I’m launching to revamp the UK comic-book scene?

Well, this is bigger than ALL of those things. I’ve never been involved with something as big as this.

Details hopefully by sundown.

Some feel they’ve been burnt by Millar’s previous announcements, or rather announcements of announcements. Some will say it’s overblown hype even if he announces the cure to AIDS. And some believe that there is never smoke without fire.

So what could it be to justify this kind of attention?

His own publisher? Buying Dark Horse?

His own movie imprint? His own studio? Set up with Brad Pitt or something?

That he has injected himself with actual super powers and will henceforth be known as Millarman?

Is he pregnant?

Has he got the Milliband brothers to stand down as Labour leader candidates and will take hold of the party himself, renaming himself Mark Millarband, the next Prime Minister of the UK?

He’s going into space? To sell CLiNT to alien races?

Any further suggestions?

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