The Evolution Of Red Mist

While we wait for the biggest news bomb of Mark Millar’s life to reveal itself as a tedious anticlimax, here’s a little bit of silliness about his plans for Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall.

Speaking to John Romita Jr., Movieweb – NOT EVEN A COMICS OUTLET! GASP! – have got the scoop on the second series’ big, bad guy. And guess what – it’s that Red Mist chap from last time around.

Romita discussed the character’s costume and ever changing name:

I can give you a description. First, I’ve got to tell you, at the end of the first issue, the first series, was the first appearance of his character. The name that Mark had in mind was The C*nt. I’ve got to tell you, and I hope this is printable, when I designed the character, I wanted the costume to have curly-Q spikes coming out of it, that were reminiscent of pubic hairs


My wife said, ‘You can’t do that. That’s tacky. Straighten out the hairs.’ So, when you see the costume, at the end of the issue, there’s little spikes, on the legs and arms, they were intended – you’re the only person that knows this other than my wife – they were intended to be pubic hairs, because he was The C*nt. This is what happens when you have idle time and your mind starts to wander.


Now, it may not work out that way, because his name is not going to be The C*nt, it’s going to be The Mother F*cker. But, I swear, this is a benchmark moment in American literature, in British literature – Mother F*cker, previously named The C*nt. It will set the standard for American literature.

Oh, alright then.

For confirmation that Red Mist and the Melon Farmer are the same guy, here’s another little quote:

But as far as I know, the bad guy is played by the bad guy at the end of the first film, Christopher Mintz-Plasse.

From Red Mist to CliNT to Muddy Funster: the evolution of a supervillain name.