SPOILER: That Neonomicon Scene That Freaked Everyone Out

SPOILER: That Neonomicon Scene That Freaked Everyone Out

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There’s been a fair bit of debate over the metatextuality of certain scenes on Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows new comic, Neonomicon. Certainly enough to see people itching to try the same analysis with the next issue.

But there’s one scene that really hammers home where this comic book is coming from, and probably gives the book it’s real moment of horror. And no it’s not the bit with the spreadeagled naked dead old lady surrounded by sex toys. When it comes to pure gross-out, well, you’ve got this week’s Crossed.

No, it’s this scene. Without gore or violence, just an impeding series of dread and a shift in reality. If you haven’t read it, it’s always going to be better in context. But for those who just need a taste as to why this book is superb and uses the comics form in a way no other medium could get close to, here you go.

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