Cody Sousa - Playing Nolan's Robin, Billy Batson, Johnny Storm and Jonny Quest?

Cody Sousa – Playing Nolan’s Robin, Billy Batson, Johnny Storm and Jonny Quest?

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Who is this Cody Sousa and what mysterious powers does he have?

A story popped up The Movie Titan earlier this week and pointed out the strange appearance of a new entry on the IMDB page for Nolan’s next Batmovie. According to the notoriously unreliable database, Cody Sousa has been “Rumoured” for the role of Dick Grayson. At least, he has been now.

If you look at Sousa’s personal page, you’ll also see he’s earmarked for role in the next Fantastic Four, World War Z, Shazam, Jonny Quest, the next Nightmare on Elm Street and King Dork.

I started doing a little background research on Sousa, and as I was putting this story together, another story appeared at Screen Rant and landed in my lap. They’ve verified that Sousa posts to IMDB under the name of GoBatman. They reproduced this comment the young man made on the whole affair:

well wasn’t me and sorry about it :/
I’m pissed whoever did this (I’m pretty sure I know who)
I wouldn’t ever want to sneak up to the top by lying about roles
and IMDB takes forever to take something down (I’ve been deleted it everyday to no avail)

So, he’s a victim of a prank or a particularly cynical liar and attention seeker. Let’s go with the former… but I’d still like to know how this hoaxer had some very resume-looking shots of Sousa to upload to the site.

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