Win! Tickets To The Torment, Complete With Cast And Director Q&A – UPDATED With Trailer

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We have to move fast on this one as the screening is this Friday, August 6th. It’s taking place in the UK’s best cinema, The Prince Charles on Leicester Place.

The Torment, aka The Possession of David O’Reilly, is a new horror film. It’s about a possessed man. Called David O’Reilly. I think it’s almost a shame to give away too much more…

I should tell you something, though, so here’s the official spiel from the Prince Charles website:

A tale of demonic possession, strange goings-on, and human beings tortured to the brink of insanity by forces we don’t fully understand, The Torment portrays an explanation that defies logic as the hand held, point-of-view shooting puts the audience into the characters heads. Key to the action is the fact that the haunting isn’t attached to a location but to the central character himself, David O’Reilly.

If you want to win a pair of tickets to Friday night’s screening, here’s what you have to do: a) be able to get to the Prince Charles Cinema in good time for an 8.30 kick-off on Friday evening and b) e-mail me the answer to one of these questions:

Which is better – Paranormal Activity or The Blair Witch Project? And why?

What is the capital of France?

I may well publish your answers. So make them good. Five that I particularly like/say “Paris” will be awarded a pair of tickets.

UPDATE: And now, here’s the short, sharp UK trailer for the film.

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