What's On TV? Three Telly Stories Worth Knowing About

What’s On TV? Three Telly Stories Worth Knowing About

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Diablo Cody has written the pilot for a new show called The Breadwinner. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show is being produced under a “put-pilot” deal, which means Fox will incur a penalty if they don’t screen it. That should suggest they’re confident in it.

Variety are calling the show Breadwinners. No comment from Cody on her Twitter feed, yet, though she’ll at least clear up the title issue, I’m sure. It’s a good month for The Artist Selectively Known As Brooke Busey – a new baby, a new movie heading into production, a new TV pilot.

Here’s the trailer for the BBC’s new sitcom, Grandma’s House. It’s written by and stars Simon Amstell, who I really rather like – and not just because he made Britney Spears cry by asking her is she thought she’d “gone a bit nuts”. It starts next Monday evening, in the slot vacated by the surprisingly good Rev.

Glee creator Ryan Murphy has revealed plans for another musical show, this one starring Kristen Chenoweth. I’m not too hot on Glee, I have to admit (or Nip/Tuck, or Running With Scissors) but I like Chenoweth a great deal, so I’m just willing this one to work. Murphy revealed his plans to Zap2It, alongside confessing that he’ll cast new characters for Glee season 3 via a reality show, that Susan Boyle is going to cameo, and that there’s a Rocky Horror episode – complete with Time Warp – coming just in time for Halloween. It feels like it has stopped being a real TV show and just started being an increasingly gimmick laden ball of hype and novelty.

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