Rumourous Growths: Quentin Tarantino To Write And Direct The Shadow - UPDATE: Or Not

Rumourous Growths: Quentin Tarantino To Write And Direct The Shadow – UPDATE: Or Not

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UPDATE: MTV have a quote from Tarantino reps that says “There is no truth to this rumour”.

Has Quentin Tarantino decided to direct and co-write a new big screen outing for The Shadow? Let’s kick the story around a bit, see how solid it seems. We’ll start with a quote from Pajiba, who are breaking the story:

However, the person that is now attached to the project is none other than Quentin Tarantino, who is also attached as co-writer. This comes as big a surprise to me as anyone, because I don’t know where Sam Raimi and Quentin Tarantino’s movie pathways have crossed, and so far as I know, The Shadow has never been mentioned among the 27 dozen projects that Tarantino has always been obsessed with.

Immediately I’m sceptical about this story because it would see Tarantino making a movie for Fox, and not for the Weinsteins. Why would he so willingly slip on a ball gag and manacles when he could, quite easily, make something very similar under the protective gaze of his great sponsors?

So, if this is true, it’s because Tarantino wants to direct The Shadow and not something The Shadow-ish, and therefore needs to go where the rights are held. Our previous evidence that he might step out from beneath Bob and Harvey’s protection for a project like this is when he pitched a version of Casino Royale with Pierce Brosnan to the Bond producers at Eon.

But what’s this about co-writer? Surely he’d start all over again? The current script – or at least, the last one to be widely known of in public – was by Siavash Farahani. Is the suggestion that he’d simply be reworking that script? I guess it’s possible he read it and fell in love with it. Possible. I’m having trouble swallowing that as probable, however.

Nonetheless, if Pajiba’s rather dependable Hollywood Cog thinks this is happening, then I’m sure there’s at least a germ of truth to it – even if that’s only a quick phone call or exchange of e-mails between the producers at Fox and Tarantino.

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