Fockers Not Funny? Call In The Hoffman

Fockers Not Funny? Call In The Hoffman

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Little Fockers is on the rocks and reshoots are needed to get it back afloat. According to a piece from earlier this week on Deadline, a post which now reads as pre-emptive damage control, the film needs to go back for “a week of pickups with all the principal cast”. Does that sound bad enough? Vulture paint an even less rosy picture.

According to them, there’s call for a visit from the Fatherfocker:

Well-placed Universal and agency sources both say that the studio is exploring an unexpected option to fix its troubled Meet the Parents sequel Little Fockers — it’s looking into whether Dustin Hoffman might consider a last-minute reprise of his role as Bernie Focker in an effort to funny-up the comedy, which has already wrapped production.

The first complication is that Hoffman is committed to a role on Luck, a new HBO series. The second is that he’s not actually contractually obliged to do this, so he may just wave it off anyway.

But I imagine there’s a lot of appeal in being told “This film with Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro in it just isn’t good enough without you”. I’ve actually seen the second in the series twice (don’t ask) and do consider Hoffman’s playing to be the high point.

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