Disney Gearing Up To Release 3D Blu-rays In The UK

Though nothing has been formally revealed as yet, Disney have submitted 3D Blu-ray versions of Alice in Wonderland and Bolt to the BBFC for classification. In theory, the discs could now street at any time Disney wished – well, providing they mass manufacture them first.

Previous statements from Disney, at least in the US, have suggested that a 3D version of A Christmas Carol would be released this year. That’s yet to go before the BBFC, which suggests Bolt and Wonderland might – just might – be hitting shelves first. This probably gives them just a few weeks, really – after all, Selfridges have their Xmas department open already. Blind guess? Late September. Based on nothing.

Sky TV are launching a full program of 3D shows in October, and I’ve seen a 3D TV and Blu-ray player demo set in every electronics store I’ve been into over the last couple of months. It’s really happening. Now… if only I could afford the tech myself.